Fashola Appeals To Nigerians For Co-operation Over Power Supply

Fashola Appeals To Nigerians For Co-operation Over Power Supply

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has again assured Nigerians that quality and uninterrupted power supply in the country is achievable but could only happen if citizens cooperated with the government.

He said by taking ownership of and protecting the various power supply facilities across the country, citizens would be advancing the country’s aim for stable electricity supply.

He also said the power market was a result driven business and that until every Nigerian got metered, government would not consider the job done.

“I understand that and it will happen but be patient, be encouraging, be supportive and be understanding. “It has taken this long and if we have waited for this long we won’t wait for that long again to complete it, we are setting targets and we want to be realistic too otherwise we will become incredible and unbelievable, we also want a system to evolve,” said Fashola in a statement.

Fashola explained that the government was ready and has mapped out its programme to increase power generation and distribution in the country, and then guarantee stability in supplies. He said the only way government could realise its plans for the country’s power sector was if practices of cutting gas pipelines amongst others stopped.

He said 23 of the nation’s power plants are gas powered and that it was important for those involved to stop vandalising and cutting gas pipelines. He also added that such culprits be sensitised on the evil consequences of their nefarious acts to the economy and the country.

“We are ready and willing to supply power but as I have said before, our power plants are no different from your generators at home, if you don’t have fuel you cannot operate the power plants.

“The main source of about 23 of our power plants is gas, so when people break the gas line it’s like breaking the diesel tank or your petrol tank that supplies your generator at home and that’s why the power situation is currently this bad, so, as soon as we restore those gas pipelines, power will improve,” he stated.

On government’s plans concerning other renewable sources of power, Fashola disclosed that there are proposals that government is currently receiving especially from those who want to do solar and other forms of renewable energy.

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