Paras Power Purchase Deal NERC Support Eko

Paras Power Purchase Deal  NERC Support Eko

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), has approved the power purchase agreement between Eko Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) and Paras Energy Resources Limited for embedded generation supply to willing customers, effective from tomorrow.

Customer using the embedded power will have the avenue of enjoying uninterrupted power supply at a higher tariff than the normal tarriff .It also intend to deploy over 200,000 smart meters for installation for the various categories of customers in its network as the new electricity tariff has commenced.

The Managing Director, Dr Oladele Amoda told reporters during an interactive session in Lagos that DisCos prefer metering customers to estimation billing contrary to labour unions’ belief that DisCos prefer billing customers on estimation than metering them. And that the company has taken delivering of over 70,000 smaart meters,while 100,000 are expected to be celiver by Mojec meter manufacturing company in the next three months.

“We are trying to ensure that we install 200,000 smart meters between the second quarters and December 2016, having installed about 46,000 meters to date. We are patronising local meter manufacturers, and they have promised to meet the delivery timeframe to enable us meet our customers’ mandate.We contracted our Maximum Demand (MD) meters to Atron of France because it’s for large consumers while indigenous contractor concentrate on three- phase and single phase meters. We have ordered for 7,500 MD meters but taken delivery of 3,000, while we have been promised to deliver the balance before end of the year,” he said

Amoda said the new smart meters would address the challenges confronting the company, especially meter by-pass by customers, energy thieves and other related criminal activities. He said the technology in smart meters would inform the workers in the office when customers tamper with the meters, adding that every customer would be metered before the stipulated five years directed by NERC.

“We have invested about $15 million about N3 billion on MD meters, while about N52 billion would be spent on smart metering within the next three years. Every meter is duly certified before usage, we have been with the local manufacturers for a while and they have been doing their best.

PZI Media believe that this  will help reduce the suffering of Nigferians as they will receive value for their money and also help to eliminate the cost of running generator set at home and at work. 

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