Nigeria’s Power Generation Rises To 3,688MW

 Nigeria’s Power Generation Rises To 3,688MW

The daily operational report of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), has indicated that the nation’s electricity generation, on Thursday, rose to 3,688 megawatts (MW), showing an increase of 64MW, when compared with generation recorded a day earlier. The sector, however, lost an estimated N1,485,000,000 due to gas constraints, Vanguard reports.

Previously, recorded power generation was 3,624MW, at a time the sector lost an estimated, N1,428,000,000. The reduction in power generation was attributed to heavy rainfall reported from Onitsha, Benin and Alaoji transmission lines, which led to load reduction from 70MW to 15MW, 100MW to 20MW and 300MW to 51MW respectively.

This was said to have led to a rise in system frequency and voltage which subsequently resulted in transmission line trippings as indicated in reports from stations. The report also showed that eight Generation Companies (GENCOs), produced zero megawatts of electricity for three consecutive days.

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