Chevron And Weatherford Celebrate First Runs Of New Technology

Chevron And Weatherford Celebrate First Runs Of New Technology

Weatherford and Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, have announced the successful inaugural runs of the HeatWave Extreme (HEX) triple-combo logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool string.

The first run was completed on Sept. 6, 2016, on a well in the Gulf of Thailand with a measured depth of more than 14,000 ft and a maximum circulating temperature of 388°F (198°C).

The HEX triple-combo LWD string delivered a complete suite of measurements while drilling. The technology has since been run on nine more wells, with zero downhole nonproductive time recorded. Further deployments are planned.

The HEX triple-combo technology was jointly developed by Weatherford and Chevron Thailand as part of the second phase of the HEX project'>project, which was first announced in November 2015.

Following the successful deployment of the phase-one HEX service—and recognition at the 2015 SPE Thailand E&P Annual Awards Program—the team turned its focus to applying the high-temperature technology to the full suite of triple-combo LWD measurements.

"The results achieved with the HEX technology to date demonstrate the magnitude of progress that can be achieved through close collaboration between an operator and a service company," said Etienne Roux, V.P., Drilling Services, Weatherford. "In order to drive a step change in efficiency and maximize productivity in the most challenging environments, companies must work together and remain focused on engineering solutions."

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