Eaton Electric Says Nigeria Strategic To Its Africa plan

Eaton Electric Says Nigeria Strategic To Its Africa plan

Marketing Director, Africa, Eaton Electric, Sumaya Abdool, has said that the company would continue to invest in Nigeria under its five-year strategic plan, Vanguard reports.

Abdool said that her visit was based on the need to help nurture Eaton’s office as well as the brand that came into the country three years ago. She added that in September last year, Africa’s five-year strategy was presented to Eaton’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Arnold and was approved.

She said; “When you look at what’s happening in Nigeria, with the growing population comes the growing need for infrastructure, and with the growing need of infrastructure comes the need for quality products and solutions. These products and solutions are things we are focusing on specifically.”

“We have the ability to provide multiple solutions across various segments of mining, oil and gas, utilities, IT channel, as well as commercial buildings. We want to make sure we develop the country in areas it needs to grow and equip people with the right skills to grow,” she added.

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