Nigeria Can Generate N56bn From Coal Briquettes In 3yrs – Expert

Nigeria Can Generate N56bn From Coal Briquettes In 3yrs – Expert

An economic expert has said that Nigeria can make a whopping N56billion in 3 years by reviving the coal industry, especially with the use of coal briquettes for industrial and domestic use, Leadership reports.

An industrial pharmacist and specialist in marketing new technologies, Mr Emmanuel Nwankwo, said Nigeria really needs to go back to basics, which is the use of coal since it has it in abundance, starting from Enugu State.

He said that the use of coal briquettes will help in the diversification agenda of the federal government, especially as the global market for oil and gas appears to be shrinking by the day.

The expert said diversification of coal into other areas that will move the economy is necessary because the use of coal has now been totally repackaged, redefined and there is a brand new analysis of how to use more cleaner coal that will erode all the negativity it had before.

Nwankwo continued: “It is a brand technology, innovation to use coal for domestic, household, industrial as well as institutional use consumption. We use this coal briquettes and the biggest advantage is that it will stop people from cutting down trees.”

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