Nigeria: Passage Of PIB Will Curb Oil Theft - Agbonayinma

Nigeria: Passage Of PIB Will Curb Oil Theft - Agbonayinma

n this chat, Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma revealed what transpired after a visit to the US to investigate the matter of theft of Nigeria's crude oil

DO you believe that the PIB if finally passed can curb oil theft in Nigeria?

To be candid, I must say yes; the PIB can bring added value that can make this possible. On the PIB bill, there have been a lot of agitations, the fact still remains that it is absolute commitment, total commitment to our dear nation.

Unfortunately we, as a people, are always looking for ways and means, diversion of interests, and diversion of attention to take people's mind from the real issues. People are talking of PIB;okay, what about undeclared crude oil that has left this country over the years?

At the end of the day they blame the militants, they blame the youths that they are the ones destroying the pipelines and they are the ones stealing the crude; whereas the real armed robbers, the real militants are the cabals and the multinational companies that have connived to destroy the good people of this nation. And as you can see now, a lot has been said, millions of barrels of crude left this country to global destinations and you are talking of the issue of swap of almost 1.4billion barrels but that is just a little amount of money.

Let me tell you that the crude oil that left Nigeria to the US alone is over 391million barrels and you calculate that and you tell me, that is over $17 billion, just America and we are talking about 41 countries that has been investigated. But I must not fail to say this: Tompolo decided to tell the former President Jonathan that there was a need to investigate the crude leaving Nigeria to global destinations because every time they are always saying this is what we are making, that we are making 2.2million barrels per day, sometimes 1.5million barrels per day.

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