SON Initiates Policy To Encourage Energy Efficiency

SON Initiates Policy To Encourage Energy Efficiency

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has finally gotten on the energy efficiency train with the rest of the world.

The organisation has introduced an initiative called the National Energy Efficiency Label for Air conditioners and electrical appliances with the aim of encouraging the use of energy efficient electrical appliances amongst electricity consumers in Nigeria.

This policy is expected to put an end to the manufacturing and importation of high energy consuming household electrical items in not too distant future.

This will be achieved by making it mandatory for all Items Household items like air conditioners, electrical appliances and equipment to have details of their compliance with energy efficiency bold written or printed on the items.

The details to be shown are the appliance’s energy consumption pattern or energy demand, the load on the appliance in a month and the wattage of the appliance.

Before this, other independent organisations like the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, PHED, have made remarkable efforts to promote energy efficiency. PHED initiated an energy efficiency enlightenment programme that educates its customers on the advantages of energy efficiency and how to recognise and use energy efficient appliances

SON introduced the policy at the Nigeria Energy Support Programme, NESP, meeting in Abuja.

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