Startup Unveils Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Charging Carts

Startup Unveils Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Charging Carts

A Nigerian startup, Saja, has rolled out its solar-powered mobile phone charging carts in Lagos, which enhance the ability of micro-entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, Vanguard reports.

Saja which was established in May, is a beneficiary of Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) loan, and piloted its carts at the NYSC Orientation Camp in Lagos and at the RCCG’s Redemption camp.

It has so far deployed 10 carts and charges over 200 phones daily. Co-founder of Saja, Seyi Fakoya, said he was inspired to launch the firm after coming across a vendor who sells airtime by the roadside charging people’s phones using a generator.

It plans to also provide agent banking services, point of sale, merchandise and other services. Saja currently makes money via transaction fees, customer acquisition fees, direct service fees and advertising on its carts.

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