US Congressmen Reiterate Power Africa’s Support For Nigeria’s power

US Congressmen Reiterate Power Africa’s Support For Nigeria’s power

An eight-member Congressional delegation from the United States led by Senator Christopher Coons (D-Delaware), a member of the Appropriations, Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Ethics committees, recently visited Egbin Power Station in Lagos to explore areas of intervention in Nigeria’s power sector, THISDAY reports.

Speaking after the tour of the 1,320MW capacity plant, Coons said that the United States would continue to support any project that would guarantee success of Power Africa, its initiative to ensure power supply sufficiency across Africa. Power Africa seeks to bring together experts, private sector, and governments from around the world to work in partnership to increase the number of people with access to power.

Power Africa played a key role in the power privatisation programme of the federal government and more recently, Power Africa assisted the federal government to finalise power purchase agreements for 14 utility-scale solar IPPs totaling over 1125 MW of power, as part of the efforts to diversify the country’s energy mix, and attract investors into the solar market.

Coons said the United States would also continue to support Nigeria’s economic growth and development, adding that the delegation visited the power station to see the investments and “the work you are doing here and to see the significant improvement in performance and efficiency,” so as to “better understand what are your challenges, what are your actions.”

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