Watermelon-Sized Tumour That Makes Baby Look Like A Bodybuilder

 Watermelon-Sized Tumour That Makes Baby Look Like A Bodybuilder

An adorable tot has been dubbed the 'Baby Hulk' due to a watermelon-sized tumour that makes her look like a bodybuilder.

Madison Gatlin was born with a rare disease called CLOVES, a condition that causes fluid to swell beneath her arms and chest.

The illness, caused by a gene mutation, affects only 200 people worldwide.

Doctors first spotted unusual fluid during an ultrasound at 15 weeks and believe the little girl is lucky to be alive.

Since her birth, the swelling around Madison's upper torso and arms has continued to grow and is estimated to weigh 5lbs - the same weight as a bag of sugar.

Her parents have nicknamed her 'Baby Hulk' for her muscular appearance.

Eighteen-month-old Madison, from Crestview in Florida, USA, is considered a medical miracle after defying death and learning to walk despite doctors' prediction she wouldn't be able to.

Mum Joni said:

"The upper half of her body looks like she's gained weight and it makes her look like a bodybuilder, she's like a baby Hulk,''

Her nickname started during an instance where twin boys asked me what was wrong with her, I told them her daddy was the Hulk and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Continue reading

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