[Throwback] Faze - "Kolomental" Mp3 Download

[Throwback] Faze -

Today, 11th of May, 2017 "Week 2" on "PziPeople Throw Back Song" is yet another exciting week, keep calm while we introduce you to the next song; of course, many of us always love to hear the songs of those days but they are no where to be found. We can say songs in those days were very very much outstanding and legendary than what we have in the Music Industry today. 

Well, as we try to remind you of songs you have missed, this week on "PziPeople Throw Back Song", we present to you Faze "Kolomental". Very exciting right? its exciting and intriguing dancing to this song; I can't imagine how people used to dance to this song in those days, almost everywhere across Nigeria, everyone loved it. There it is, download, comment, enjoy and share with friends. 

Click to download Faze - Kolomental [Throwback]

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