‘Buharism’ A Means To Advance Selfish Ambitions – Omatseye

‘Buharism’ A Means To Advance Selfish Ambitions – Omatseye

The Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Nation Newspaper, Sam Omatseye, has said the term ‘Buharism’ or ‘Buharists’ is just a means to advance selfish ambitions of politicians.

He was reacting to comments by Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna, that there is a group of persons including governors called ‘Buharists’ who are pushing for the President to contest and return in 2019.
Omatseye stressed that for such terms to be appropriate there has to be a clear philosophy or method of operation around the ideology.

He told Channels TV, ”We have not heard of anything called Buharism or Buharist in any clear, philosophical or methodological fashion.

So for you to talk of Buharist or Buharism, there must be some sort of method to him that connotes some kind of positive energy or vibe on the political arena or on the economic arena.

What we have now is virtually chaos, unless they want to say that chaos is now Buharism and that will not be selling their ideology.

It is one thing for you to say that you want to fight corruption and it is another thing for people to believe that the whole of your heart is there and there is a method to your fighting corruption.

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