‘You Can’t Trample On Citizens' Right’, Ezekwesili Reprimands Police

‘You Can’t Trample On Citizens' Right’, Ezekwesili Reprimands Police

Former education minister and human right activist Oby Ezekwesili has lambasted the Police for trampling on the constitutional rights of protesters in Abuja.

The group were peacefully protesting for the continued absence of President Muhammadu Buhari and demanded his immediate return or resignation.

However, the internet was agog yesterday after videos showing the police using water cannons and tear gas on the protesters went viral.

Ezekwisili, who took to her Twitter account posted that “@PoliceNG This is the FASTEST way to GROW number of people that will JOIN this protest. You can’t TRAMPLE on citizens like this. You can’t.”

@ProfOsinbajo please see ????????????????????????There is no way @policeng brutality can be the right response to Non-Violent citizens’ protest. This is SAD.

Going down the memory lane, the co-convener of BBOG said the group has survived series of attack and police brutality.

We can kuku write plenty Books on @Policeng Brutality over the last 3years &3 months of @BBOG_Nigeria advocacy for OUR #ChibokGirls. TRAGIC.

We have survived more than 3 @Policeng Commissioners including the infamous Mbu that said he “banned @BBOG_Nigeria ” We went to court & WON.

Let the CURRENT IG of @policeNG & His FCT Commissioner know now that they can NEVER DEFEAT citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

She also lambasted the information officers at the presidency for not making the health status of the presidential public.

I can’t think of the # of times one has called out @AsoRock for its INCOMPETENT public information management on health of Pres @mbuhari .

’d said there is a DEFT BALANCING necessary in communicating the health of Leaders including Presidents but OPAQUENESS is NOT THE ANSWER.

So rather than @PoliceNG brutality, @AsoRock should BECOME TRANSPARENT about the STATUS of OUR PRESIDENT’S @MBuhari HEALTH RIGHT NOW.#Urgent.

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