People Out Of Fear Do Not Tell Buhari The Truth - Galadima

People Out Of Fear Do Not Tell Buhari The Truth - Galadima

A member of the Board of Trustees, BoT, of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Buba Galadima, has said that people close to President Muhammadu Buhari do not tell him the truth because they fear him.

Galadima said members of the president’s cabinet and the country in general do not understand the president and this is hampering development.

The BoT member told the Tribune that those who are ready to serve the country will not be afraid to tell Buhari what is right.

According to him, “The issue is that people do not understand the president. The country does not understand the president. Many around him do not tell him the truth because they fear him.

“And in this business if you want to deliver, you don’t need to fear the principal, you tell him to his face what you believe is correct and right.”

He said it would be wrong to accuse some innocent people of hijacking the government, adding that those persons accusing fingers are being pointed at are in the government because Buhari wants them to be there.

“Those people that we accuse of influencing the president, were they there some two, three, four, five, ten years ago? They are there because he is there and everything we say about him, the president hears.

“If the president does not act on rumours we peddle around about the activities of those people, it means the president must have checked, investigated and found out that what we are saying about those people are wrong.

“Or alternatively they are doing it in cohort with the president himself; that he accepts what they are doing, if not things they say about them shouldn’t have been left unpunished,” he said.

Galadima called on Buhari to come out clean and stop making the people believe he is acting in cohort with some of the accused members of his cabinet.

According to him, “What I expect the president to do is to come out clean. The other time, the president said anybody accusing top members of his government should come up with his or her evidence if such person had any .

“The following day, Sahara Reporters came out clean on a minister, divulged all his properties, bank account in the United States.

“Every sensible man would have thought that the president would query such a minister or at worst ask him to step aside until proper investigation is carried out on how he came about those properties and money in his account. But that was not done.

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