Mitt Romney Criticized By Trump Ally As 'Self-Serving Egomaniac'

Mitt Romney Criticized By Trump Ally As 'Self-Serving Egomaniac'

As rumors swirl over whether Donald Trump will choose Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State, another member of Trump's transition team is speaking out against Romney.

New York Representative Chris Collins spoke to CNN saying, "I know that he's a self-serving egomaniac who puts himself first who has a chip on his shoulder who thinks he should be President of the United States... I have not seen in Mitt Romney the personality traits of someone who will take direction."

The sharp criticism comes after MSNBC reported Trump was quote "furious" over his campaign manager's weekend interviews spent criticizing Romney. Kellyanne Conway said, "In the last 4 years I mean has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the United States doing something of which we're unaware...

We don't even know if Mitt Romney voted for Donald Trump." Earlier Kellyanne Conway tweeted over concerns she was receiving over trump considering Romney for the position. The criticisms stems from Romney's highly publicized speech made in March in which he called Trump's policies "flimsy at best."


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