Corruption Is A Major Problem In Nigeria - CNN’s Richard Quest

Corruption Is A Major Problem In Nigeria - CNN’s Richard Quest

Anchor of Cable News Network (CNN) ‘Quest Means Business and ‘Business Traveler,’ Richard Quest has said that Nigeria’s problem remains poor leadership and corruption.

Quest has been in Lagos for the past one week to assess state of the economy and opportunities available for investors.

”From my interactions, the response keep coming back about leadership in government, leadership in private business, etc.

”There is no shortage about entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Since my trip here, I have met people who are enthusiastic, ambitious, and aggressive in a nice way.

”However, corruption remains a challenge from my interactions with CEOs who says it is the first thing that should be addressed,” he said at an interactive sessions with business editors.

Quest said Nigeria has the potential to establish itself as a global leader, adding that everybody he asks in Nigeria says corruption and leadership should be addressed first.

”Of course, the western nations have been complicit in not dealing with corrupt African leaders who hid their loot abroad.

”The $50 million Ikoyi money is a good opportunity to put things right in Nigeria. I am leaving Nigeria optimistic. The young people I met on the streets are absolutely brilliant,” he said.

Richard Quest also charged newsmen to play their role in nation-building by reporting corruption cases.

”It is the job of the media to report on corruption cases. Our job is to report it. It is not our job to solve it. That is the job of the law enforcement agencies. CNN is famous today because it reports stories as it is without fear or favour,” he said. 

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