Airport Guard Discovers And Returns N1.2m To Passenger

 Airport Guard Discovers And Returns N1.2m To Passenger

A guard with the Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML), Joseph Akilo, on Saturday morning returned the sum of $3,338 (about N1,218,370) misplaced by a passenger on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight bound for London Heathrow from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

It was gathered that the money, which was in two separate envelopes, was left behind by Frank Abenemi, a passenger with Virgin Atlantic after going through profiling at the counter of the airline.

Akilo, however, discovered the envelopes when he was clearing the check-in counters of the airline after the closure of boarding at around 8:35 am.

At first, Akilo thought the envelopes were empty, but when he opened them, he discovered that one of them contained $3,000 while the second envelope had $338 in it.

SaharaReporters gathered that the second envelope contained the details of the owner of the money including the photocopy of his air ticket, names and other relevant information of the traveler.

Akilo contacted the Station Manager of Virgin Atlantic Airways, who checked the details on the flight system of the airline and discovered that the owner was one of the passengers onboard for departure while the aircraft was already taxiing for take-off.

Gloria immediately contacted the pilot who had to abort the flight and returned the aircraft to the apron.

The pilot was said to have called out the name of the passenger through the cockpit address system.

Upon inquiry from the passenger, Abenemi insisted he didn’t lose any money, but when he was asked about two envelopes with some dollars, he immediately checked his hand luggage, but could not find the money there. It was then it dawned on him that he had misplaced the two envelopes.

It was further gathered that when he confirmed the loss of the envelopes, he was probed on the exact amount of money in each of them, which he answered correctly. Then, the envelopes containing the money were handed to him.

Akilo is one of the junior staff of ALML where he earns N25,000 monthly as a salary. 

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