Man Stages One-man Protest Against Buhari In London

 Man Stages One-man Protest Against Buhari In London

A Nigerian was spotted on Monday with a placard reading ‘Resume or Resign’ as he staged a one-man protest in front of the Abuja House in London.

He called for the immediate resignation or return to Nigeria of President Buhari who has been on medical leave in the UK.

Aides of President Muhammadu Buhari are reported to have reported the man UK police authorities.

In the picture, the man is shown carrying a placard that reads, “Nigerians want full disclosure. What is wrong with our president?”

“Resume or Resign. Nigerian says enough is enough”

The police allegedly were unable to arrest him because he was deemed not to have been trespassing.

There have been protests request?ng accountability from President Buhari over the details of his health status.

Buhari left Nigeria on May 7 to resume treatment in London for an undisclosed illness, leaving Acting President Yemi Osinbajo in charge of the country’s affairs.


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