North Will Vote For Buhari In 2019 Even In Wheelchair – Arewa

 North Will Vote For Buhari In 2019 Even In Wheelchair – Arewa

Mohammed Yakubu, a member of the National Executive Committee of Arewa Consultative Forum says the North will vote for President Muhammadu Buhari even if he contested the 2019 election in a wheelchair.

He urged those who don’t like Buhari’s leadership to wait till 2019 to vote him out of power instead of looking for cheap means to get rid of his mandate.

”The President’s health challenge is something that can happen to anybody.

”We had President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, this type of health condition happened to him. So in the case of Buhari, he had transmitted power to his deputy, as constitution demanded, and I think there is nothing to fear.

Yakubu, who spoke with The Sun, insisted that he would not support the call for the president to step down, no matter the level of his ill-health, as he has the support of the North and the people of Nigeria to carry on.

I don’t think that it is proper for anybody to humiliate Buhari out of office by mounting pressure on him to resign.

As long as he is alive, it is not right to demand of him to resign.

Buhari should not resign, even if he is on wheelchair, North and people of Nigeria will vote him in 2019.”

He, however, questioned the competence of the President’s cabinet.

I have a serious complain about Buhari’s cabinet; 95 percent of these ministers are incompetent, and they are not fit for the job

You can’t reach out to them, and where you reach out to them, they see you as someone coming to seek for contract or favour from them. 

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