Ohanaeze Wants NNPC Slots For Igbo

Igbo socio-cultural group Ohanaeze has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to use the reorganisation at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to promote equity in the country.

The group decried what it believes is the consistent disregard of the South-East by the president when making appointments especially into the lucrative petroleum sector.

President-General of the group, John Nwodo, said in a statement that despite the fact that some states in the region produce oil, the president did not deem the region fit to be represented in the corporation.

This brazen disregard, marginalisation and non-compliance with the federal character provisions in our constitution are the causes of lack of confidence which our youths have in our present governance structure.

As long as President Buhari continues to live out his speech abroad that his government will favour those who voted 97 percent for him against those who voted five percent for him so long will the dissatisfaction and unrest in our polity subsists.

There is no oil well anywhere in Northern Nigeria. Four of the five states in the Southeast have proven oil resources some of which provide our nation’s revenue yet our people are not found fit to be adequately represented in a key corporate institution like the NNPC.

Ohanaeze is therefore urging the President to revisit this recent reorganisation exercise in NNPC in the name of God and in the spirit of the ongoing festivity being celebrated in this season and in promotion of unity and good governance.

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