Pro-Biafra Agitators To Visit Trump Over Referendum

 Pro-Biafra Agitators To Visit Trump Over Referendum

Pro-Biafra agitator Candy Stallworth has claimed that US President Donald Trump wants to meet with some of the agitators on 21 July.

According to her, she will be heading to the White House on the day as the representative of the group in the US. Stallworth, who took to social media to solicit for funds to aid the group’s activities, also revealed that she and other agitators will be clad in a Referendum T-Shirt during the meet with Trump.

She also added that they will be staying in the US capital for three days. So, the proceed from the T-Shirt campaign will help pay their airfares, food, hotel and transportation while in Washington DC .

She explained that a donor can purchase a slot on the back of the T-Shirt under ‘thanks to our supporters.

Biafra freedom is not free as you know, I will be heading to The White House for referendum July 21st . We IPOB USA Mobilisation are starting a fundraiser to help pay for our trip to The White House.

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