AIT Tenders Apology For Buhari Documentary

AIT Tenders Apology For Buhari Documentary


The management of DAAR Communications Plc, the owners of African Independent Television (AIT), have apologised for a defamatory documentary it aired.

The apology was directed at Mustapha Joloko, a former aide de camp of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The documentary, titled “The Real Buhari” and aired in January 2016 alleged that Jokolo, now the Emir of Gwandu, had in 1984 cleared 53 suitcases suspected to contain cash, for then head of state, Buhari.

The emir had thereafter filed a libel suit against the television station.

The settlement terms demand that AIT retract the documentary and tender a public apology to the emir.

“DAAR Communications Plc states that in airing the said documentary, it had no intention whatsoever to embarrass or diminish the high reputation of Alhaji Mustapha Jokolo whom it holds in very high esteem.

“DAAR Communications Plc hereby retracts the said documentary on the television station (AIT) titled ‘The Real Buhari’ aired on 24 January 2015 which was broadcast on its television station (AIT).

“DAAR Communications Plc hereby tenders unreserved apology to Alhaji Mustapha Haruna Jokolo for the broadcast of the said documentary on its television station (AIT)”‎, the apology reads.

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