Actor Muyiwa Ademola "MUY" Unveils The Cause Of Death In The Industry

Actor Muyiwa Ademola

MUY Authentic CEO, a Nollywood prolific actor and film maker, Muyiwa Ademola unveils perhaps, the cause of untimely death in the midst of Nollywood actresses and actors in his recent interview with Punch News. 

Verily, we can re-collect that shortly as this year began and within few months interval, up to four souls have been lost in the Nollywood industry, Yoruba movie precisely and the most current one that actually led to this revelation by Muyiwa Ademola is the death of a gentle and beautiful actress, Moji Olaiya. Since inception of the occurrence, many actors and actresses have sent their condolence messages to the family of the demise for it was really a big lost amidst them. 

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In Muyiwa Ademola's explanation to the cause of premature death amidst the Nollywood members, he said:

A very big problem we have in our industry is that we work round the clock, we spend nights at movie locations but we don’t go for medical check-up. I have a doctor and I go for medical check-up every three weeks. I know when to take some days off work. For instance, if I work for about two weeks, I take a few days off to relax. I would just eat and rest. I also make sure I go on vacations and all I do in those times is just to eat and sleep. Most of the deaths in the movie industry are a result of accumulated stress without paying attention to one’s health.

Authentic MUY brought it to realistic that STRESS is the that particular thing that has been killing people in the movie industry. 

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