Agony Aunt: Had sex with pant on

I  need your help seriously.

My boyfriend had sex with me with my pants on.

Can this result in pregnancy?

Anonymous, 08*******5*.



Dear Anonymous,

It is unlikely you have been impregnated by this act if you are indeed sincere with the information provided. There is no reason for you to get worked up if your boyfriend had sex with you with your pants on and if you are sure that his semen did not escape in the process.

But to be hundred percent sure of your status, seeing a medical doctor preferably a gynaecologist will put paid to your fears.

It will be in your best interest not to delay your visit even with your boyfriend to establish the state of things.

By the way, what informed having your pants on when you knew you were not ready for the consequences of opening up for your boyfriend?

To live a stress free life, ensure you abstain from premarital sex.

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