BIAFRA: A Project Of Internal Secession Is Unfolding - Wole Soyinka

BIAFRA:  A Project Of Internal Secession Is Unfolding - Wole Soyinka

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka says Biafra has not been defeated 50 years after the civil war ended.

In his latest article, the playwright, who insisted that Biafra war is not over, stressed that only the tactics changed.

Soyinka said though Biafra was defeated on the battle field during the civil war, but that today “most Nigerians know better” that it had not been defeated.

He said Biafra not defeated was evident in the fact that most Igbos were currently propagating the “Biafran doctrine.”

The Playwright in part:


 “One could claim that a project of internal secession is unfolding, one that skirts the peripheries of Nigerian laws, testing what they permit, and daring what they do not. As for the victorious side, analysts continue to cite the lingering consequences of the war of secession among the main causes of the nation’s instability, alongside contemporary factors such as mismanagement of petroleum resources, corruption, visionless leadership, etc

“Today, secession simmers openly, and is moving steadily beyond rhetoric. It has already taken on a dangerous complement—ejection. A number of combative youth organizations in the northern part of Nigeria recently called for the expulsion of the Igbo from their lands for daring once again to talk about secession.

“Mainstream leaders have disowned them, but some support has been voiced by individuals within the same adult cadre, including its intelligentsia. Debate is intense, often acrimonious.

“Since the absolutists of nation indivisibility are not ignorant of the histories of other nations and are immersed daily under evidence of the assertive factor of negotiation—be it in the language of arms and violence or the conference table—since they know full well that this process straddles pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial histories, such speakers unconsciously imply that Africans are sub-citizens of the real world and are not entitled to make their own choices, even in this modern age.

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