Baby Luna Gets Valentine Gifts From North And Saint West

Baby Luna Gets Valentine Gifts From North And Saint West

Valentine's Day was yesterday and baby Luna was first to feel  the love.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter received a very special gift from none other than her pals North and Saint West (courtesy of Kim Kardashian, naturally) earlier today.

Chrissy shared the adorable gift giving on Snapchat as well as Luna's reaction to her special surprise.

The proud mama even showed off the handwritten card Kim wrote up for her BFF's little one.

"Luna, Happy Valentine's Day beautiful baby girl! Lots of love, North and Saint." Too cute for words, right?

Luna Legend, Snapchat


So what did the Wests give to Luna on her very first Valentine's Day? Why, none other than a pair of teensy tiny baby Yeezys, of course!

Luna looked in awe of the fancy footwear and, truth be told, seemed to like her brand new kicks.

And while we won't have to wait  to see exactly how Chrissy and John celebrate their bundle of joy's first Valentine's Day, we can assume it's going to be a day to remember.

Who knows, maybe the lovable husband and wife duo will even get to sneak out for a date night out on the town!

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