Biafra: Amaechi Condemns Buhari’s Order To Stop Agitators

Biafra: Amaechi Condemns Buhari’s Order To Stop Agitators

Former Minister of Aviation Mbazulike Amaechi has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for ordering Service Chiefs to use every means possible to stop Biafra agitators.

Speaking with the Sun, Amaechi said the order was superficial and biased as it focuses on the utterances and activities of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

If I wake up and say, I would go and blow up Aso Rock, would I be arrested, or when I march to Aso Rock fully armed?

Why the focus on Nnamdi Kanu, what of the other Arewa yoths who are committing similar or more grievous offences? What has been done to them?

If Kanu breaks the law, let him be punished, not when he is unarmed and just making statement that his people are not being treated fairly.

What Kanu is saying is that Igbo want to go, if you don’t agree with him, put it to plebiscite. That is how it has been done in other places.

Scotland said it wanted to leave United Kingdom, and they put it to plebiscite, majority said they didn’t want to go away.I don’t see why it should be different in Nigeria. Plebiscite does not amount to war.

In America, since Donald Trump came to power, two states have expressed the desire to quit US, has anybody killed them?

The only thing is that when the demand becomes serious, the government will give the opportunity for the people to decide.

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