Cabal Allegedly Sent Malami to London Ahead of Osibanjo

Cabal Allegedly Sent Malami to London Ahead of Osibanjo

Contrary to the generally held belief that Acting President Yemi Osinbajo trip to meet Buhari was secretly planned and concealed from members of a shady group of presidential political manipulators who exploited the absence of ailing Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari to create internal crisis, the group had known about the trip and sent the Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami to Buhari in advance as a means of sabotaging his trip, source reported.

 The source said that Malami’s trip was on Monday July 10 while Osinbajo was on Tuesday July 11. Malami, according to Sahara Reporters spent five minutes with Buhari before quietly returning to Nigeria unannounced. It was not clear if the short but uneventful trip achieved any purpose. The Attorney General of the Federation, Malami, was the cabal’s nominee for Vice President should Buhari fail to return to work due to ill health.

Last week, the AGF was cut off from a meeting of the “National Prosecution Committee,” which he had set up at the inception of the Buhari regime, with the Acting President. That action incensed Mr. Malami, who now fears that Mr. Osinbajo may remove him from office in the absence of President Buhari. Sources said the AGF called for the files of high-profile cases in the country and threatened he would sabotage them by filing a “Nolle Prosequi” should the acting president continue to sideline him. Members of the Buhari cabal are apprehensive that Ag. President Osinbajo is consolidating his hold on power, considering the appointments he has made, and his focused work as Acting President.

Plot  Against Osibanjo

The cabal had earlier queued behind Senate President Bukola Saraki to frustrate and sabotage the Ag. President. That plot came to a head when Saraki, believing Mr. Osinbajo to be out of the country, plotted with some other Senators to declare him “Acting President.” Unknown to him, the Acting President had returned from Ethiopia, where he had attended an African Union summit. Following the exposure of their desperate moves, the cabal began to move around the north to whip up ethnic and religious sentiments against Mr. Osinbajo. On his part, Saraki has in the past two weeks twice met with the Acting President to explain his side of the story, the first at the behest of the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), John Odigie-Oyegun.


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