Catholic Church Condemns Anambra Killings

Catholic Church Condemns Anambra Killings

The Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, Anambra, has condemned Sunday’s attack on worshippers at St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, by a gunman.

Gunmen attacked the church in the early hours of Sunday, killing 12 people and injuring about 18 worshippers.

Rev. Hygi Aghaulor, Director of Communications of the Diocese, said in a statement that the Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Jude Onwuaso escaped unhurt.

He described the killings as a sign of loss of what is sacred and consoled the families of victims of the attack.

It is regrettable that our people are more and more losing a sense of what is sacred.

What on earth would make people open fire on innocent unarmed worshippers including children and women on a Sunday morning?

We condemn this ungodly act in its totality; we pray Almighty God to console the families affected and assure them that our hearts are with them as we pray for the quick recovery of the wounded.

For the entire parishioners, we call on them not to be discouraged in their usual practice of faith.

It is when the forces of darkness attempt to overshadow goodness that the light of God shines even brighter than ever just as it happened on Easter Sunday.

Evil may make attempts but God and goodness will always triumph; we call on the good people to continue to pray for the deceased worshippers and their families.

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