Check Out The Top 5 Ugliest Cars Of All Time

Check Out The Top 5 Ugliest Cars Of All Time

You know? at times when you see some things, you just don't see anything wrong with them, not until you take a closer look before you get to see what was unseen. Have you ever thought of a list of this kind, in other to bring amusement and fun to your views, we tend to introduce you to the world ugliest cars ever made.

5. Fiat Multipa: Critics say that it looks like “a rain-forest frog that had undergone an unfortunate genetic mutation”. What do you think?

Fiat Multipla | Image:

4. AMC Pacer:
The speed is awful, the left doors were said to be longer than the right coupled with too many mockery statements that it has to endure, one of which was comparing it to a “rolling fishbowl”.

AMC Pacer | Image:

3. Suzuki X-90:
The car is like an archaic family that had spent too many generations in the rock, coming out with everything wrongly fixed. 

Suzuki X-90 |

2. Tatra 603:
Smiles... The car is said to be only for those who love to sleep and wish everything were like dreaming.

Tatra 603 | Image:

1. Peel Trident:
Many were short of words when they see this egg-like ugly experiments rolling towards them all in the name of a car. If you are to buy a car for fun sake, are you in anyway going for this type of a car?

Peel Trident | Photo credits:

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