Edo Chief Banished And Disgraced By Oba Of Benin (Video)

Edo Chief Banished And Disgraced By Oba Of Benin (Video)

A video has gone viral showing a Chief identified as Chief Ogiugo banished by the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, who ordered that nobody from Edo should have anything to do with him.

According to a source who spoke to Concise News, the incident happened on Thursday 17th August, 2017.

He said Dr Ogiugo was summoned to Oba of Benin’s Palace over a land issue because he constituted an impediment to the peaceful resolution of the matter by his Odionwere.

The source said he bluntly refused to kneel down before the Oba to state his own side of the issue at stake and being a traditional setting, it was sensed that Ogiugo came fully armed and was immediately asked to remove his top (shirt).

The source said as Ogiugo was removing his shirt, some charms (ekhuae and akpalode) fell from his pocket, this resulted in curses being placed on him and declaration as “oghion Oba”.



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