Ezekwesili Decries Poor Aid Response To Benue Flood Victims

Ezekwesili Decries Poor Aid Response To Benue Flood Victims

Former minister of education and human right activist, Oby Ezekwesili has lamented what she described as “poor response” by the government to the needs of over 100,000 affected victims of Benue flood.

The co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) advocacy group took to her Twitter handle to express her displeasure with the “broken system of accountability of government.”

There is a certain threshold of URGENCY required to deliver support to people affected by tragedy. WE just never get to it. Look at Makurdi.

Our Disaster Management and Emergency Response approach like every other thing that requires a System pales in comparison to other countries.

Usually the mechanisms for Disaster Response are both horizontal and vertical. That is, All sectors and all levels working to bring SUCCOR. The Local Emergency Management system triggers escalating to the State Emergency system which into escalates to National Emergency system.

All of these escalations are inbuilt into EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS and can happen concurrently and within hours depending on SCALE of the Disaster.I am appalled at the poor RESPONSE to the needs of over 100,000 affected people of the Makurdi Floods Disaster. No SENSE OF URGENCY. NONE,” she lamented.

Ezekwesili went further to say the way disaster victims are managed can be traced to broken system of accountability in governance.

At the CORE of the way we manage people affected by Disaster/Tragedies in our country is the broken system of Accountability of Government.  A broken System of Accountability of Govt all levels of Local, State & National, permits them to get away with MALTREATMENT of CITIZENS.

For as long as Citizens can me maltreated and governments consistently get away with it, the “culture” becomes entrenched. That’s OUR STORY. So citizens of Nigeria have been so beaten down over time by the “entrenched culture of Uncaring Governance Systems” , we expect no better.

She further said the syndrome of ‘expect nothing from government when in trouble’ is terrible and implored President Muhammadu Buhari to set examples for the others to follow.

It is this “syndrome of expect-nothing-from-government-when-you-are-in-trouble” that has made Nigerians COLD to the suffering of others.

But no society can attain greatness where both Government and Citizens internalize an “Uncaring Attitude” toward people in crisis and pain.

This entrenched pattern of “those-who-face-tragedy-among-us-are-on-their-own” MUST END. WE can’t continue this way. Citizens DESERVE BETTER.

President and his Federal team must SET THE EXAMPLE, followed by Governors & States, Chairs of LGs & team. Business Leaders & ALL Citizens.

MakurdiFlood affected people are Citizens who have EVERY RIGHT to EXPECT MORE from their President @MBuhari than “statement of solidarity”
“Pres @MBuhari SHOULD NOT ALWAYS STAY FAR from the NEIGHBORHOODS where his Citizens are facing pain & crises. 

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