Forget About Restructuring , Sultan Tells Nigerians

Forget About Restructuring , Sultan Tells Nigerians

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, has urged Nigerians to forget about the restructuring of the nation and concentrate on unity.

He made this known while speaking at the opening ceremony of the national colloquium organised by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

It is good to seat down and dialogue but there must be respect. I must respect you and you must respect me. And the greatest thing we can do for this country is always reflect on our history.
Because we didn’t fall from the sky, we came from somewhere. We became Nigeria in 1914 through amalgamation.

People are shouting that our coming together as a country in 1914 was mistake, but God doesn’t make mistakes. If God doesn’t want such a thing as Nigeria to happen, nobody could ever have made it happen.

The monarch also appealed to labour to use strike actions as its last option.

So I challenge you to take up the mantle now, occupy your right position and make good things to happen in this country through your solidarity. You must put personal interests aside.

I know that many of these groups from the North, West, South-South and South East agitating for this or that have their positions.

But despite the realities at present, no group has the right to tell anybody you must leave this place or that place if we still live in this country called Nigeria.

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