Greed Landed Nigeria To Where It Is Today – Osinbajo

Greed Landed Nigeria To Where It Is Today – Osinbajo

The acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has stated greed of many is what has landed Nigerian to where it is today.

Osinbajo stated this on Sunday at a service to mark this year’s Fathers’ Day at the Aso Villa Chapel, State House Abuja.

He  urged Christian fathers to live up to their responsibility in nation building.

The role of the father is supposed to be that of building nations, building generations.

The acting president said “Abraham is the example God set for us of a man who God wanted to be the exemplar of the type of conduct that God expects of fatherhood.

Righteousness and honesty

Osinbajo, who took his text from Genesis 18:19, admonished fathers to teach their children the way of righteousness, justice and the fear of God.

The Christian father is the one referred to in Genesis 18:19; the one who will teach the way of righteousness and justice to his children and would teach the fear of the Lord.

Just as Christian fathers today, it is our duty as God spoke concerning Abraham in Genesis 18:19, it is our duty to build up a generation of righteous men and women, a nation of just men and women who fear God and puts God above everything else.

Whule describing the church, as the “light or the world and salt of the earth,” he said it should speak out more on Christian virtues such as honesty, integrity and forthrightness.

Every time that we come to church, we are told about giving. But we need to talk more about honesty. In the same way we talk about giving, we need to talk more about honesty because Nigeria’s great problem is not the absence of prosperity.

The greed of many is what has landed this country where it is today. It is the greed of so many; many who have been placed in position of authority. You cannot steal half of the resources of the country and expect to build the sort of things you see in other places.

He also called on churches to ostracize their members who have enriched themselves by stealing from the public till.

If we found that a man has more money than he should have, if a man is earning a salary of a civil servant or a public servant and he has houses everywhere, we have to hold him to account.

If the church says we will not accept you here or that we will expose you if you are stealing the resources of the country or stealing the resources of a private company or other establishment where you work, we would not have the type of problem that we have in this country.

Earlier, in his sermon, the Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Reverend Dr. Samuel Uche, advised Nigerians to live together in peace.

He prayed for the President Muhammadu Buhari’s return from his medical vacation.

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