How To Create Windows 10 Bootable Device With Flash

How To Create Windows 10 Bootable Device With Flash

It is now completely understood that the use of CDs or DVDs for windows installation is quiet stressful and at times seem to be a burden as you carry them from locations to the other.

Now, you can save yourself the stress of buying CDs or having to carry a plate of CDs from one place to another in other to install windows operating system on your computer. With these simple steps, i bet you will see yourself as a competent computer engineer; Installing Windows right from your USB Flash drive, all you need is USB flash drive (preferably 16B or higher in capacity) and a Windows 10 installation disc (or ISO file). Follow the steps below to in other to make your flashdrive windows bootable device. :

Step 1: Download and install WinToUSB from its website. After downloading, run the setup ad specify the location of the Windows 10 ISO or the installation disc, then Click Next. 

Step 2: After plugging in the flash drive into the USB port of the computer, select it in WinToUSB and format it. Once this is done, you have to select the flash drive as both system and boot partition. Finally, click Next to start copying essential Windows 10 files to the flash drive.

Step 3: The process of creating the bootable Windows 10 USB may take a few minutes. When the process is finally finished, you can use this flash drive to boot (and run) a fully-working copy of Windows 10 on any computer. That's how easy it is.

It is important to note that when you boot up Windows 10 from USB for the flash drive for the first time, you'll need to do a little bit of an initial setup, like making your USB Flash drive a first bootable device.

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