IGP Orders Arrest Of Purveyors Of Hate Speeches

IGP Orders Arrest Of Purveyors Of Hate Speeches

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, has ordered top police chiefs across the nation to monitor, apprehend and prosecute purveyors of hate speeches.

This was disclosed by the spokesperson of the force, Moshood Jimoh.

The IGP has put in place an action plan towards dealing with this effectively.

The aim of the police force is to ensure that anybody who engages in the use or dissemination of hate speeches is arrested and prosecuted.

It does not matter whether they disseminate it through social media or through the conventional mass media like radio, television or any other media.

They are culpable of an offence and they will be prosecuted.

No organisation or individual is exempted. Anyone who infringes the law should be prepared for arrest or other consequences.

The IGP has directed all Assistant Inspectors General (AIGs) of Police and all Commissioners of Police across Nigeria, including those in charge of commands or in charge of zones, to ensure that anybody in any state who goes ahead to issue hate speech is promptly arrested and prosecuted.”

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