Igbbo Quit Notice Will Not Stand - Bishop Oyedepo

Igbbo Quit Notice Will Not Stand -  Bishop Oyedepo

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo on Sunday said the Igbo quit notice would not stand.

The quit notice is a three-month ultimatum a coalition of northern youths handed Igbos living in the region. It expires on October 1.

The clergyman, who said this while speaking to his congregation, said the continued existence of the entity Nigeria is assured, going on to describe the ultimatum as just a bid to sow chaos in the polity.

He said the freedom of worship and religion would continue to be the identity of the nation.

The October 1 ultimatum will not stand. Nigeria will remain one entity where everyone would be able to live and work wherever they like.

We will keep on declaring the peace of God in this land. No one will succeed in bringing Nigeria to war, no group will succeed in bringing this nation to crisis.

He said the Nigerian economy would recover and urged all Nigerians to pray.

It is time to engage the prayer altar for our beloved nation because he that seek the peace of Jerusalem shall prosper.

Nigeria will not go backwards. It will keep going forward forever. Speak peace; pray peace, love peace and peace shall reign in our land. Every injustice will be flushed out of our land and equity shall rule our national life and be our national law.

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