Igbo Leaders Want A Restructuring, Not Secession – Ohaneze Ndigbo

Igbo Leaders Want A Restructuring, Not Secession – Ohaneze Ndigbo

The Igbo socio-political group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo on Friday stated its reasons for favouring a restructuring over a call for secession.

The reasons were disclosed in a statement by the group’s president-general, Chief John Nwodo.

He said secession is not a viable option especially after due consideration is given to how invested the Igbo are in the Nigeria project.the gave reasons why it prefers restructuring to secession.

Nwodo stressed the importance of restructuring. He opined that this would engender a feeling of belonging in Nigerians irrespective of tribal, religious or class affiliation.

According to him, it is the “right way to go to bring the best in our people and set the country on the path of growth and development.”

The group leader, who was speaking to Igbo leaders, said Ohaneze Ndigbo does not “believe that breaking up Nigeria is a reasonable option at this time”, despite agitation by MASSOB and IPOB.

He said this is the position taken after due consultation with Igbo leaders comprising the Ohanaeze leadership, state governors, members of the National Assembly, traditional and religious leaders.

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