Ijaw Youths Insist On Secession

The Ijaw Youth Council says its decision to secede from Nigeria cannot be stopped even by the leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum, Edwin Clark.

It noted that its agitation for a country does not align with that of the pro-Biafra groups. Eric Omare, the president of the group, made the declarations after the former president, Udengs Eradiri, handed over power to him.

The handover was part of the ceremonies marking the 7th National Executive Council of IYC in Warri, Delta State. Omara, in speech, lamented that the group is seeking its nation due to alleged persistent persecution and marginalisation of its people.

We do not want a situation, as it is now, where the Ijaw are balkanised in six different states. In Ondo State, the Ijaw people are the minority while in actual fact we are the mainstay of the state. In Edo State, the Ijaw are not just a minority group, they are treated as third-class citizens.

In Delta State, especially in Warri, we are treated as local citizens. We can vote but we cannot be voted for.

In Bayelsa State, even with the resources there, it is still the same thing. Similar problem exists in Akwa Ibom and Rivers states.

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