Melaye Slams Sahara Reporters For Pitching Him Against Buhari

Melaye Slams Sahara Reporters For Pitching Him Against Buhari

Senator Dino Melaye has stated that media outfit, Sahara Reporters can't pitch against President Muhammadu Buhari's fight against corruption.

Melaye , who is representing Kogi senatorial district at the National Assembly stated this on his Twitter account.

This is in response to the speech he delivered at the Sheraton hotel when he was quoted that the ll Progressives Congress (APC)- led administration of President Buhari are running criminocracy; which he called the government of the criminals, for the criminals and by the criminals.

Sahara Reporters and their sponsors can not pitch me against President Buhari. Never said Buhari is a criminal and never will. 

According to him, President will be back into Nigeria safely and the blackmails against him will stop.

"President Buhari will be back safely and all these Boju Boju will stop. May God heal our President.

"I read the misrepresentation of my speech at Sheraton. It is a shame that some enemies of democracy are working assiduously with SR style," Melaye stated,

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