NIS Faults Outdated Map For Erroneous Bombing Of IDPs Camp

NIS Faults Outdated Map For Erroneous Bombing Of IDPs Camp

The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors says the reason the Air Force erroneously bombed an Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Borno state was due to the outdated nature of Nigerian map.

It was reported that a military fighter jet operating in the North-East mistakenly fired at aid workers, soldiers and displaced persons in Rann village of Kala-Balge Local Government Area of Borno State, killing over 100 people.

In a press conference to close the 52nd Annual General Meeting of NIS, the association’s president, Akinloye Oyegbola, said the error would have been avoided if the map used for the operation was not outdated.

”When the IDP camp was erroneously bombed, there was a release that whatever map that was used for that trip was not updated. Because if it was updated, the IDP camp would have been on the map.”

”If it was on that map, there was no way they could have bombed the IDP camp erroneously. So, you see what we are talking about. We will continue to echo that and we pray and hope that the people in government will appreciate it,” Oyegbola said.

He urged the Nigerian government to regularly update the map of the troubled region and the country as a whole to avert a recurrence.

”It is always said that the most developed countries are the most mapped countries in the world. There is a reason for that because they already know what mapping is all about and they want their own development to be in a sustainable manner, that is why you have it like that and that is what we are advocating for in our own country,” he added. 

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