NUT Commends Buhari’s Administration, Appeals For Intervention

NUT Commends Buhari’s Administration, Appeals For Intervention


The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) on Monday commended the Buhari-led administration for its achievements, especially in the education sector.

The acting Secretary General of the union, Dr Mike Ike-Ene, told NAN in Abuja that the applause became necessary considering the relative peace in the country since its inception.

“Although I will not say that we have gotten it correctly, when there is relative peace to an extent, we can now say that there is progress.

“At least one thing this administration has done is being a little proactive to issues concerning education and other areas.

“This government is more open to dialogue, negotiation and discussion and when these things are involved in any issues, parties concerned understand themselves better,” he noted.

Ike-Ene, however, decried the rate at which some state governments were owing teachers’ salary arrears for months.

According to him, Benue, Bayelsa, Osun and Imo governors, among others, are owing primary school teachers several months of salary arrears.

“As I talk to you now our teachers in Benue primary schools are owed 10 months salary arrears and they are still working; 10 good months people cannot put food on their table.

“There are cases whereby the father and the mother are teachers, are they going to rob a bank before they put food on teir table; not only Benue, Bayelsa also owes eight good months.

“In Osun, very many states; in Imo state our teachers are paid in percentages; primary school teachers are owed various sums of money in various states.

Ike-Ene, however, called on the federal government to call the governors to order or else teachers in defaulting states would down tools.

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