Nigeria Can’t Afford Another Civil War – Gambari

Nigeria Can’t Afford Another Civil War – Gambari

Nigeria’s former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ibrahim Gambari has urged those beating the drums of war to stop.

The Chancellor of Kwara state University also urged those often engaging in hate speeches to desist because the country cannot afford another war.

He stated this when he was giving his speech at the convocation of the university in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

The elder statesman who was reacting to the threats and counter threats from different regional groups across the country, said: ”this nonsense must stop. It must stop because Nigeria cannot afford it.”

We can’t afford it because it is disruptive and dangerous. Divisive agitations and violent conduct, or call to violent conduct, can result in unexpected and undesirable consequences. The little fires starting to burn across the country must not be allowed to result in a conflagration from which none can escape.

We can’t afford it because it hurts our image in the region, in Africa and around the world. What investor, donor or ally would confidently associate with a country under threat of disintegration, confusion or instability? None.

Rather than hate speeches, the former envoy called for more effort to leverage on the country’s considerable economic potential and human capital.

We have no choice but to demonstrate to the world that we are a viable destination and ally. Our size and diversity should therefore be taken as advantages that help us to build a great economy with huge political influences.

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