Nigeria Gets Tips On How To Tackle Terrorism And Poverty

Nigeria Gets Tips On How To Tackle Terrorism And Poverty

Member of the Federal German Parliament Andreas Lammel has called on the Nigerian government to implore good governance and infrastructural development to tackle terrorism and poverty.

Lammel made the call at a roundtable organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), a German Foundation, on Tuesday in Abuja.

The roundtable organised for Civil Societies Organisation (CSOs) and the media was with the theme: ”The Security and Political Situation in Nigeria, role the German Government could play to aid Nigeria’s development.”

According to Lammel, African nations are responsible for their own development as Germany cannot solve the problem of the continent but can only render assistance.

He noted that terrorism and underdevelopment cannot thrive in a nation with a vibrant and positive economy.

You need more economic development in Nigeria to bring in more income to states and people, building infrastructure and providing basic amenities to reduce poverty and crime.

To win the fight against terrorism, a better system of school and vocational training are needed in Africa for the youth.

There is the need to give the youth hope for a better future to think less of crimes.

Lammel stated that the German government is doing a lot for Nigeria in the areas of fighting terrorism as it has assisted in training the Nigerian army and police in modern ways of fighting against terrorism. 

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