Nigeria Needs New Constitution, Southern Leaders Say

Nigeria Needs New Constitution, Southern Leaders Say

Nigeria needs a new constitution to be adopted by the people in a referendum, Southern Leaders of Thought have reiterated.

The leaders made their submission known in a statement on Wednesday.

Chairman of the group Prof. Ben Nwabueze maintained that for Nigeria to be restructured, a new constitution must be adopted by the people.

The leaders explained that the 1999 Constitution must be replaced because it was never a democratic constitution in the first instance.

Indeed, it is a constitution only in a loose sense of the word, but not in the strict, generally accepted sense of ‘an original act of the people’ by which a state and its government are constituted.

The 1999 Constitution was not made by the people either through a referendum or through a constituent assembly specially elected for the purpose and specifically mandated in that behalf or both but was made instead by the Federal Military Government (FMG) by way of a schedule to a Decree, Decree 24 of 1999.

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