Nigeria On The Brink Of Another Civil War – Bakare Warns

Nigeria On The Brink Of Another Civil War – Bakare Warns

The General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Sunday warned against complacency in the matter of the killings being perpetrated by herdsmen.

He said a failure to address this issue would eventually lead to another civil war.

Bakare, who was addressing his congregation, said the “country is moving towards another collapse” with the division among different groups and violence in the country.

The sermon, titled “All Things are Ready,” included a warning of possible reprisal attacks by those who are being victimised if they feel the government would not protect them.

“We are at the verge of another collapse if care is not taken. We are pushing ourselves into the (edge of the) precipice of another civil war.

“All these marauders called herdsmen; if you don’t checkmate them quickly, and the people begin retaliation against what they are doing, we will begin to kill ourselves again.

“And violence and corruption will rob us of the great future which God has for us,” Bakare stated.

Bakare advised against the undermining of the nation’s unity by exploiting tribal, religious and ethnic differences.

“I do not see the difference between Igbo and Yoruba other than the language which God created and culture which people develop themselves; and rather than tearing ourselves into pieces, we can begin to understand ourselves,” he said.

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