Nurse Denies Administering Drug Overdose On Adeleke

Nurse Denies Administering Drug Overdose On Adeleke

The nurse who administered drugs on the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke on the day he died has denied the reports that he gave the late politician an overdose of medications which caused his death.

Alfred Aderibigbe defended his actions on Thursday while giving evidence before the coroner inquest investigating the senator’s death.

Aderibigbe, a registered nurse of 25 years who works at the Comprehensive Health Centre Edunabon Town, Ife, as a Chief Nursing Officer, said he had treated the deceased for the past 15 years.

He has been in the eyes of the storm generated by the death of the late Senator after being accused of giving the deceased an overdose of medication, a few hours before his death.

He, however, said all the medications he applied on the late senator before his death were in compliance with prescriptions given to him by the deceased.

Aderibigbe said, “On the 23rd of April, 2017, I was in my room in my house ‎at about past 4 am when I heard a loud knock on the door and people shouting, I opened the smaller gate and I saw the campaign vehicle of Senator Isiaka Adeleke and some of his aides informed me that the Senator had been calling me.

“I went back in and picked up my phone and discovered that I had 16 missed calls from Dipo Faborode, his friend, the aides and the late Senator himself.

”I called back, Dipo picked the call then the senator collected the phone from him and asked me to come over to the house immediately with his injections.”

The nurse said when he got to the house, he met the Senator in serious pains and saw some tablets on the floor along with a bottle of water, indicated that he had already taken some pills before his arrival.

He continued, “I asked him and he said he had to use some tablets and when he was not relieved of the pain, he had to call me.

“He later brought out a prescription after which he asked for the drugs which he gave to me on the 17th of April, 2017 to keep for him when he returned from Lagos. I then asked him to give me the prescription to hold but he refused to give to me. I checked his blood pressure, it was 130/80, temperature 37.4, respiration 26 bit per minute, pulse 86.all vitals were okay.”

According to the nurse, he went to the late Senator’s house with (1) 4 ampoules of diazepam of 10mg each (2) 2 ampoules of 50 mg of analgen (3) 1 mill of pentazozin and 2 vials of hydrocortisone and (4) 2 gentamycin of 80 mgs each.

He said Senator Adeleke had insisted that he should give him 40mgs of analgen, but he refused, saying that will be too much.

“So I broke the other three ampoules of the analgen to make him feel like I was going to use it for him but sincerely, I only used 10mg of analgen and I administered it intramuscular and not intravenous as being said around,” the nurse added. 

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