PDP In Support Of Restructuring – Makarfi

PDP In Support Of Restructuring – Makarfi

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national caretaker committee, has said that the party is in support of restructuring.

Speaking with Vanguard, Makarfi said Nigerians needs to reach a common ground that would be acceptable to all.

Because it (restructuring) means different things to different people, there is need to sit down and build consensus on what is generally acceptable to the people.

The modalities, nature and time frame should be clearly spelt out.

The fact that people see it differently means that something is wrong. But there is need to commonly agree on what needs to be restructured be it economic, institutional or political.

The former governor of Kaduna state also threw his weight behind the 2014 confab report implementation.

If the National Assembly request for it and it is forwarded to them, there is nothing wrong with it. People must understand that there is a process and steps to be followed.

It (confab report) can be a good start and if there are obsolete items in our Constitution, for instance, they have to be recommended to be expunged by the people. Similarly, if there are things to be added, they will be recommended for addition by the people.

There is no need to start afresh because everything that need to be implemented will first go through the National Assembly and there will also be public hearing too. This process extends down to the State Houses of Assembly and so, it is not a report that can be unilaterally implemented.

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