Police, PSC Disagree Over Senator Misau Retirement

Police, PSC Disagree Over Senator Misau Retirement

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Moshood Jimoh today said the force has no record of retirement for Senator Hamman Isah Misau.

This stance was contradicted by the Police Service Commission chairman, Mike Okiro.

 Moshood who said there is no correspondence to such record with the force maintained that the “police have no proble with anybody. The rule must be upheld, The law is not respecter of anybody. No matter how big you are, you are not higher than the law.”

In a telephone chat with Political Platform, Moshood’s statement’s contradicts that of the Police Service Commission (PSC) chairman, Mike Okiro, who had through the PRO of the PSC said it has on its record that Senator Misau duly retired from the service.

PSC had invited Senator Misau to appear before its special panel investigating allegations of special promotions in the Nigeria Police Force.

Moshood further said the senator did not show up to defend his claim.

Okiro, a former Inspector-General of Police, also called in and said the PSC by its records have Misau on number 16 of the list of retired officers from the force.

Our record show that 14th of February, 2014, force headquarters released list of officers who has retired and former DSP Hamman Isah Misau was number 16 on the list.

We have not seen the original letter. But we acknowledged the letter on the 5th of March 2014. So, our record shows that on the 5th of March he was issued with a letter of retirement.

Senator Misau had alleged that the police IGP, Ibrahim Idris, collects N120bn annually from private institutions, corporate bodies and VIPs.

When asked if the Police is paid for services rendered to private institutions and corporrates bodies, Okiro said there is a specific payment made by the organisation according to the law.

I am worried, but I don’t know if it’s the truth (the allegation). I don’t have the mandate to carry out investigation on if it is true. If it’s true, it is bad. If it’s not true, it is bad to make that kind of allegation.

Police regulations are clear on the amount paid for Police function. 1/3 of the money paid goes to Police reward fund while the rest is paid to the officer as allowance.

Moshood further stated that the senator lied under oath by swearing an affidavit that reduced his date of birth with the Nigerian Police force.

When he entered the police he filled his birthday as 3rd of November 1973. When he got to the senate, he swore another affidavit which says his birthdate is 3, November 1974.

Anyone that say the letter is from the police should come up.  He claimed he retired in 2010 and his retirement later is dated 2014. Does it take four years to get a retirement letter.

We are not against the PSC. On the press release of PSC, we are saying the right to declare anyone a deserter lies with the Police Force, not the PSC.

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